CRB Price and Fundamental Databases

CRB DataCenter

  • Extensive commodity and financial historical data
  • Daily, monthly and annual updates available
  • Futures, options and cash markets
  • U.S. and global market coverage
  • Daily, monthly and annual updates available

CRB Fundamental Database

  • Comprehensive commodity fundamental data
  • Supply, demand, production, consumption, etc.
  • U.S. and global market coverage
  • Historical data and ongoing updates available


CRB Data products serve the needs of a wide subscriber community:

  • individual traders and private investors
  • institutional customers like risk management professionals, analysts, trading and investment advisors
  • pension/insurance investment trust fund managers
  • brokers/dealers, manufacturers/processors
  • oil and metal processors/refiners

Data is offered in a variety of formats compatible with leading technical analysis software.

CRB employs direct-connect exchange data when possible and we process our own feeds to ensure data is accurately provided to users with a precise opening, high, low and closing (settlement) prices. Each night, prices are also double-checked against outside sources to further assure accuracy. We check both missing prices and volume prices for spikes, so you can maintain an accurate history.

You need data—we have it:

  • multiple information sources
  • a highly experienced staff
  • automatic error correction
  • ASCII compatibility
  • futures
  • futures options
  • implied volatilities
  • forex rates
  • market indexes
  • market rates
  • cash information
  • nyse, nasdaq, amex, otcbb & mutual fund data