2017 CRB Yearbook - THE Book of Record for Commodity Markets

What People Are Saying

For anyone dealing in commodities, The 2017 CRB Commodity Yearbook offers an abundance of valuable information and indispensable guidance for decision-making.

"I find the CRB books my best source of information on commodities. This Encyclopedia is terrific for anyone interested in commodities. I have every CRB Yearbook since 1971, so I know."
— Jim Rogers, author of Hot Commodities and Adventure Capitalist www.jimrogers.com

"Commodity Year Book, published by Commodity Research Bureau, Inc. This book covers general statistical information on almost every commodity, and is one of the best of its kind for reliable, accurate statistical information".
W. D. Gann, legendary stock and commodities trader, 1949 (quotation taken from "45 Years In Wall Street", page 148).